BLS For Healthcare Provider Certification

BLS For Healthcare Provider Certification

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers from the American Red Cross allows healthcare and public safety professionals to meet a variety of certification and licensing requirements.

Our healthcare providers’ BLS curriculum includes all standard scientific learning objectives necessary in professional resuscitation courses, but also allows students to develop their critical thinking and teamwork skills, and work on reflection and debriefing, which serves to strengthen their overall learning and work experience. In addition, our courses are modular and flexible, and offer medical directors, educators and Red Cross training partners the ability to tailor courses to their students’ specific needs.

Ways to Train
  • In-Person Classes: Designed for those who learn best in a traditional classroom setting, class participants attend lecture and skills sessions with other students in a designated physical location.
  • Blended Learning: Created for those who need additional flexibility, our blended learning courses combine online presentations of “lecture” materials, with in-person skills sessions. Coursework is self-paced and modular, so you can train on your schedule.
Earn Your BLS Certificate

Sign up for our BLS for Healthcare Providers program – and gain the skills you need to help your community and reach your career goals. From CPR administration and AED usage to critical thinking and problem solving, whether you choose an in-person only class or prefer a blended (online and in person) approach to learning, our best-in-class instructors will help you understand how to use the latest techniques in basic life support. To join our program, simply find a class in your area and complete the registration process.

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