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 LaMsCPR.com is helping to save lives in Louisiana & Mississippi.

CPR saves lives.

More than 300,000 people  have cardiac arrests in the United States every year.  By performing CPR, you are able to help the person’s blood keep circulating until an ambulance arrives and more advanced tools can be used. The chance of surviving a suden cardiac arrest increases significantly, by more than double, when CPR is started early.

  • Cardiovascular disease, listed as the underlying cause of death, accounts for nearly 836, 546 deaths in the US. 45%
  • About 92.1 million American adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after -effects of stroke. 70%
  • Percentage of cardiac arrests that occur in the home or private setting: 88%
  • Percentage of vitims of cardic arrest that die before reaching a medical care facility: 95%

Meet Our Staff:

Korri-Don Jones

Korri-Don Jones

Owner & Lead Instructor

Korri’s easy going style makes learning fun. He includes stories from his real life experience as a first responder to show the importance of learning these life saving techniques.